FEEDBACK: Facebook Fans Define Free Enterprise, Criticize Obamacare

Dec 2, 2013

What Does Free Enterprise Mean to You?

 Business without control of the government in any way .... almost doesn’t exist anymore.—Brad Patterson

 It’s the continuation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.—Margaret Johnson

 Freedom of choice and responsibility.—Rhonda Albritton Hill

 Free enterprise is the environment in which innovation is fostered and hard work is rewarded with prosperity, without risk takers being strangled by tyranny.—Tony Montville

 Free enterprise means that while government may have certain regulations to protect my business, the land, and the people, I should not have to jump through multiple hoops at each level of government (local, state, and federal) to start my business.—Lorrie Al Bohi

 Free enterprise is the opportunity to identify a need of others, develop a solution for said need, produce and market the solution with minimal government interference as long as no persons or property are harmed, allowing the profits to accrue to those that develop, produce, and market the solution.—Mark Wilson

 Selling goods or services for a profit in a free market, unrestrained by overregulation.—James Stratton 

 My business as an extension of myself, free to operate however I see fit with minimal government regulation!—Patrick Cadima

 Free enterprise was created by our Founding Fathers and needs to be protected and valued just like our Constitution and Bill of Rights!—Dan Ferrando

 Free enterprise is paying yourself for doing what you love to do!—Bruce Yager

 Letting free market economies run free and getting government’s hands out of our pockets.— Debbie Lips

 The ability to better one’s own circumstances by providing benefit to the lives of their neighbors.—Will Nichols 

 To try to make a profit off of a product or service without being attacked and demonized by the government for any success you may have.—James Moore

 The ability to lift me and my family into a place of comfort and security.—Joshua F. Kitzler

 The American Dream.—Bryan Howard


 For those who think that Obamacare is the same or better ...  keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Obamacare is not my choice. America must get back to personal responsibility. Government does not know best.—Lori Keefer Strecker

 I am keeping the “same” health care plan for 2014, except the cost is going up $120 per month, and I’m losing our kids’ pediatrician. If we were to go with the plan that includes their pediatrician, it would cost more than $300 a month more next year! Man, I miss those 5% a year increases.—Angie Helms Loftin

 We tried to sign up for [Obamacare]. Our monthly premiums would cost us 48% of our income. If our income increases, so will our premium! How is this affordable?—Erikand Jennifer Johnston

 Just got my baby boy’s and my insurance cancellation letter in the mail yesterday.—John Miller

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