Your Feedback: Health Care, Energy Stir Debate

Oct 30, 2013

Health Care

 There is no more free enterprise with the Affordable Care Act. We are a part-time economy. I am the forgotten. Female, 55, and considered not good enough for hire.–Mary Schade via Facebook

 Try being a physician owning your own practice. We get hit with all of the aforementioned taxes, plus insurance is paying a lower rate for medical services. - The USA got what it voted for !! via Free

 In our small business, Seattle Gymnastics Academy, our medical benefit costs will balloon from $72,000 a year to somewhere between $132,000 and $244,000!— John Sweeney via

 Obamacare is the enemy of full-time employment. – Bob Garrett via Facebook

 You can add Wake County School, N.C.,  to the list of school systems that will cut all their substitute teachers and possibly more so that they don't have to either pay the tax, I mean fine, or offer them insurance.—Fred Kull via Facebook


 Any fuel we do not have to buy from other country makes ours that much more stronger, wiser, and smarter.—Jim Puck via Facebook

 I was just in North Dakota. They are indeed building a refinery ... on an Indian reservation. It should be finished by the end of the year. Entrepreneurs will find a way around government regulation.—G-mike via

 There's not been a refinery built in the USA since 1979. EPA paperwork has killed every attempt. We've increased output only 3% since then due to upgrades and technology in existing refineries. We've increased consumption nearly 50% in that same time.—Matt via

 The United States could finally become an energy independent nation within two decades... That is of course unless politics slow the rapidly expanding shale boom.—Tap Management via

 Going forward with the Keystone pipeline will help the U.S. economy and is a no brainer. It is amazing that our 'leaders' won't approve it.—JeanSC via

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