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Everything You Think You Know About American Manufacturing Is Wrong. Here’s Why

American manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, and in honor of Manufacturing Day, we want to celebrate the millions of companies that create their products in the United States.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key Visits Chamber, Pushes Pacific Trade Agreement

With the economic impacts of New Zealand’s Canterbury earthquakes expected to cost 9% of his country's GDP (perhaps the largest slice of any natural disaster), Prime Minister John Key was on hand at the Chamber today to point out it would be in America’s best interests to make progress on a Paci


Bandwagon to Baton Rouge

The reprise of the VoteForBusiness Bandwagon completed its seven state tour with a fitting end in Baton Rouge this yesterday.  Dozens of students from Southern University's Baton Rouge campus met the bus on Main Street and helped cap off nearly 1387 miles of voter education over the last week with


Bandwagon Redux

I assure you it was no case of déjà vu this time around when I joined the VoteForBusiness Bandwagon yesterday at an RBC Bank building for a business after-hours hosted by the Winston-Salem, NC Chamber of Commerce this evening. For starters we are less than two weeks away from the election and voter


The U.S. Must Lead on Trade

As part of Trade Visibility Day on Capitol Hill, Steve Stewart, from IBM discusses trade and the pending trade agreement with Korea. The U.S.-Korea FTA Business Coalition sent a letter to Congress today stating, in part:Given that the trade agreement with Korea will promote high standards for mark


Skies, Blue and Gray

We couldn’t have picked a better spot for the last official get out the vote stop of the Bandwagon to Minneapolis. Da bus pulled up early to Chicago’s historic Navy Pier ready to serve up the Windy City some perspective. In case you are wondering there weren’t any Navy ships docked. It was origina


The Long Road to Albuquerque

We put more than 650 miles of road between the VoteForBusiness Bandwagon and Dallas, driving the distance to Albuquerque and setting the stage for a busy Sunday which will culminate in an event with Congressman Steve Pearce (NM-2). As John mentioned in his post from yesterday, energy is a huge topi


Stockyards, Baseball and a Steam Wash

The staff on the East Coast bus said they didn’t cotton to traitors -- whatever that means -- so they tossed me off at National Airport on their way to Richmond this morning with a message to find my way back to the West bus, which at the time was treated to a birds’ eye view of the roundup at the


Photo Ops and Fakes

I couldn't go to Stone Mountain yesterday without taking a picture of the Confederate Memorial Carving, so here is one with the bus in front of it. More bus photos here. Today is Anniston, Alabama day on the bus, and not even the first Anniston day this year for the Chamber.  Back in January Mitch


Stone Mountain

This morning we headed out to Stone Mountain and no sooner had we set up the table, plugged in the AV system, and laid out the giveaways did passers-by stop by to say hello on their way to the aerial tramway. I admit there was a bit of star appeal with the shiny bus behind us. But once we got into